Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Blooming garden

Thought I would give you a tour of the garden in bloom at present. 
Lupins are doing well, behind is a Potentilla just coming in to flower and a newly planted Cistus is doing well in front.  That corner is very sandy as it is the edge of sand horse menage that used to be the back garden!

We moved this peony about 18 months ago and it has taken that long to get established and this year is covered in buds just coming out.

Aquiliga are spreading through the bed now. Nice variety of colours.

In the back field the blooms are thick on the flowering hedge along the fence line.
My husband grew loads of foxgloves last year and this year we have several really good clumps in bloom.

This lavender plant is going mad. It is in one of those decorative chimneys which you cant see underneath. I did cut a lot off over the winter and it has regrown a lot.

Its been slow coming but the summer seems to be coming now.  Except on Saturday when we went to the Broads and got soaked to the skin. We drove home through flooded roads north of Norwich to find it was hardly wet!!!  After 24 hours my husband;s leather shoes are still sodden. 


  1. Getting soaked on a day out sounds a perfect English summer day, your garden looks good.

  2. My daughter’s in Murcia with 8 students for two weeks and today was a thunder and lightning monsoon! This is the fourth torrential day since last Monday. Inlove lupins but DH hates them as they spread so quickly.

  3. We have had no raining Essex and desperately need it. My lupins are way behind your but it was a new purchase last year.

  4. Lovely garden. I especially love the foxgloves and lavender.

    God bless.


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