Friday, 20 July 2018

Going blue

For the last few years I have restricted my wardrobe size by using up everything till they are only good for rags and only buying when necessary and often making my own.  This last bout of warm weather has had me running through all my very light cotton tops and loose blouses. Over the winter I am going to have to do some replacing as they are washed thinner and thinner as I change everyday. 

Needing another decent top for going to the shops I pulled out some brightly printed polyester that I got for £3.50 a meter and a free pattern.
I like a long line top so I am extending the length 5 inches, and putting 2 inches on the sleeves too  and I hate high necklines so I will probably put in a split on the centre front.  Its slow work as it is hot and sticky in the sewing cabin.

Meanwhile my husband has booked an autumn holiday on the west coast of Ireland so I am reviewing the winter clothes stock.  Going to need some warm stuff.
I got this T shirt for a £1 in a charity shop sale. It was brand new with the tags still on.  Its quite thick and far to warm for this summer.
While waiting for my husband in the opticians the other day I wandered into the supermarket to use the loo and have a look at the clothes sales.  He did tell me to go and have a coffee while waiting but I thought I would use that cash towards this winter jumper instead.

It was not marked so it took some time to find out the price was £10.  Its size is marked as 20, but its not that big and it is loose enough on me to put a T shirt or something warm underneath.  Its in keeping with my new blue theme too.

We are flying there so I will not go too mad with clothes as I doubt we will want to pay for extra luggage.


  1. Looks like a very versatile pattern. I have got to knuckle down next year and get back to sewing.

  2. Once my clothes are at a reasonable level I want to start making my clothes again, my only issue is fabrics can be so expensive and clothes are so cheap to buy, it's not cost effective to make your own.

    1. No its not! Always on look out for anything good under £5 a metre! The advantage is fit or wanting something a bit longer in body.

  3. I think I just might have that same pattern.

    Love the blue sweater you managed to find.

    God bless.


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