Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Further stretching till the end of the month

Been a funny January. We have mostly been toddling along OK enduring the cold days, the miserable days, the sunny but windy days.  Then we go and have the most expensive day ever.  I went to the dentist for a filling - £57. That was the third visit in the last 6 months so now I am taking so much care - no toffees, no hard biting, no grinding teeth in the night. 

Versace VE3186 Glasses - EGGPLANT 5066 - Size 54Then we went on to the opticians.  Hour and an half at least of tests, talk, hard sell (refused all up grading) till I was ready to scream!!  I have not been for 8 years and was perfectly happy till about 4 weeks ago when I felt somethings were a bit blurry.  Turned our work was bad for my eyesight and since retiring and not having to squint at databases, spreadsheets, endless long Ofsted reports, cross check lesson plans  on screen with badly lined up word documents.  My next prescription is less strong apparently.  But I seem to have started cataracts. Then I failed the last test of flashing lights - to much like a computer game for me.  I have to re do it next week. 

At that news I decided to go mad and ordered purple glass frames for my verifocals.  I might go for a purple dye at the hairdressers next week just to feel less like an old, old lady.  Also a very broke one - £225!!  Mince from the freezer until the next state pension pay day.

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  1. I use speckyfoureyes on line, you add your details (on form from Optician) on the arm of your glasses are 6 numbers this gives your current frame size, I found it all simple and got amazing prices.


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