Friday, 19 January 2018

Marvellous machines these days

After 3 years of having the fridge freezer on an extension lead looped over a door frame we got an electrician in to put in a proper socket. He had a marvelous machine that cut a groove in the plaster for the wiring with a vacuum attached. Absolutely no mess!

Quick fill with poly-filler and scrapped the last bit of paint to cover the area and it was all finished. The extension lead went to the shed after over 3 years of use!

Over Christmas the storm took down the old bits of rail and post fence in the back field. So husband got out his reciprocal saw and chopped the wood for extra fires in the cold weather. Its so much easier than doing it by hand as I did for the first two winters here.  Only down sides was I had to hold it all as he cut and it is noisy and it was all very wet and will take some time to dry out before we can throw the first 3 wheelbarrow loads of it on the wood burner.

A few steps forward in life? Yep, then it was all backward steps with the next storm which has just blown out two panes of glass from the green house.  Just one night after we had cleaned, prepared and put up the bubble wrap insulation layer.  Luckily our local window firm cuts glass for cash - just £8 for two replacement panes and a whole morning of messing around.  


  1. The wind has torn some of my netting to shreds but so far the greenhouse is intact.

    1. Went to clear all mine today as it was pulled all over the place by the last blow. I do recommend the netting we get from suppliers in Stroud, (Gloucestershire) lasted 3 years and probably go another 12 months.

  2. That is pretty cool. No idea such a thing existed, but not surprised at all. There are very smart people out there.


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