Sunday, 18 March 2018

Most annoying task

I am obviously frustrated. I am dying for spring to arrive to get on with more interesting stuff.  The most annoying thing today was the need to replace the loo seat!!!

The one purchased less than 18 months ago (in the big orange DIY store for an exorbitant amount) rusted right through the cheap metal fixings.  We got a pretty one in Wilco which looks more robust and was cheaper. But the old one was not just rusted it was completely jammed. Tools littered the bathroom, husband was fed up with laying upside down on the cold tiles, I was holding one set of pliers and he had another as we wrestled the fixings off. Finally resulting in brute force!
This is the pretty replacement!  What was most annoying was that we had not realised that we could have brought a pack of replacement fittings in Wilco for £5 months ago and saved the expense of this replacement purchase and done it before the thing had rusted and seized up! 

I retired to the shed to start a painting to match the loo seat design to hang on the bathroom wall before the family arrive for the Easter holidays.  Also I need the de stressing.

On the way back I stopped to admire the French beans that have just come up and the rainbow at over the neighbours garden. Spring is promising such a lovely fresh colours.

With the east wind whipping us today it does feel more like winter though!


  1. It must be a day for bathrooms, we stay away from the big orange DIY, so often we too have been disappointed with the quality. We always go first to the hardware shop in our local village, everything is almost always a bit more, but the quality is so much better, plus we don't have to drive there.

  2. We have renovated 7 houses and this last one has been the absolute worst for dud metal fittings. Screws that round off or snap, nuts and bolts that cross thread, the list goes on. Grrrrrrr

  3. Loo seats are such a lottery. My last one had good fittings but the lid was rubbish and even my eight stone friend said it felt precarious when sitting on it to dry herself after a shower. I didn't even try after my first attempt.

  4. It's bl**dy freezing here today. Roll on the warmer weather and then I can get out into the garden. Don't mention loo seats. We have just bought a new loo and new seat and the new loo seat had to be modified by DH (aren't they wonderful) so that it didn't move around.

  5. Lovely painting. I do hope it helped you de-stress.

    God bless.

  6. I managed to remove my rusty fittings. The seat was an expensive one and I like it so I would like to keep it. I got a fixing kit from Beee n Q and the chuffin holes don't line up. I think I will make a cardboard template of the toilet and take it, with the seat, to the shop and say, your kit is no good. How do I fix this on.


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