Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Receipt or not to receipt?

Local radio news item this morning about East Midlands Co op are only going to print out receipts for purchases under £10 on request. Apparently 90% of people don't want them and the staff put them in the bin immediately.

First off I agreed - save ink and paper costs for the Co op and that improves its re investment etc. Saves bits of paper going straight in bin or floating around the car parks outside.

Then the discussion deepens.  Lots of people are like me!

I track spending so find receipts very helpful to see what I was spending money on. Even a few days later I revisit to see how much I spent on an item to judge whether it was good value for money.

You need to check the amount taken off you is correct - the computer is not always right. People rang in to comment with various tales of yellow sticker discounts not being correctly rung up.  Story on Sainsbury's a few days ago where a pizza was charged at £225 instead of £2.25 at a checkout and the cashier only looking at it when the customer's wife insisted on the receipt and checking. Silly cashier. The delay, and attitude. allowed the customer time to take a photo and upload to Twitter etc!!

I was about to applaud the waste/recycling  attitude of Co op till I remembered last time I was in there the amount of disposable plastic "stuff" - straws, plates, cutlery, silly toys, etc.  I must remember to write to them to complain!


  1. No I don't like that idea Trish. I like to keep my receipts too.

  2. Also, Trish, now that we are using our own bags, I find it safer to have the receipt as I may go into another shop selling the same product and be accused of stealing.

    1. Me too! I always feel uncomfortable if they sell the same kind of stuff as I have in my bag.

  3. I always like to get a receipt too, so that I can log all of my expenditure, but when I work on the till in the CS lots of people don't bother to take their receipts and we end up throwing them in the bin.

  4. Like you I track my spending so I want my receipt no matter what I spend.

    God bless.

  5. A very good post, loads of really good points, thanks Trish.

  6. I keep my receipts too. As you say there is plenty of work in progress with all the other recycling stuff they can get on with.


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