Monday, 16 April 2018

Being brave at the charity shop

I love these shoes. They cost me £3.75 at a hospice charity shop 4 years ago.
Who wouldn't? Pink, rose buds, peep toes, bows.......

I wore them twice that first summer. I brought a matching cardigan with roses in chiffon down the front. I loved these shoes.

BUT I have not worn them since. I was very brave and took them to the Cancer charity shop for them to sell.

OK. they were one size too small and no stretching made them bigger. They hurt like hell.

But I loved those shoes.  I will try not to go back and re-buy them.


  1. Love it! (the post) Also love the shoes. Pity they didn't fit.

  2. Lovely shoes are hard to part with, these are beautiful.

  3. OMG - they are gorgeous! I think I would have just put them on display - you have exhibited great strength! :-)

  4. They are rather gorgeous. Well done you for letting them go.

  5. They are fabulous. You have inspired me to put a once worn pair of silver evening shoes into the charity shop ths week as I take them out and look at their beauty, knowing I will never be able to wear them again.


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