Tuesday, 17 April 2018

My lucky day!

A few weeks ago I got up the courage to make a complaint to a National bank about the way I was sold one of those £10 a month accounts years ago.  It was very traumatic for me at the time and ultimately led to my decision to pay off all debts in my life and never use a mainstream  "bank" again.  After a long of phone call they agreed some compensation and sent a letter to their branch in town for collection.

Image result for surprised faceOf course, that morning I missed the early bus and decided to use the ten minutes wait filling in prize coupons in the local free newspaper and cutting them out. The route to the bank passed the newspaper office and I left them in the box there.

At the bank the letter was astonishing - over £1000 !!!

This morning the phone rang and I had one first prize!!!  I would have been happy with the hamper of meat or the patio set which were on offer but my first prize is a meal for 2 at the Michelin star restaurant and tickets to a concert in the nearby concert hall (worth £47.50 each).

Leaves you wondering if that was the day I should have brought a lottery ticket??


  1. Well done on dealing with the bank, what a lucky day you’ve had xx

  2. Have no idea what the 10pound a month thing is but certainly very nice to get the 1,000pounds. I hope you enjoy your dinner and theater, sounds very posh!

    1. You pay £10 a month to bank and have advantages like travel insurance, shop discounts, etc etc - trouble was I traveled on a work insurance and the shops were none I used. So it was useless. Plus they made out I could only have my pre-existing overdraft if I had this type of account. The sales pitch was highly pressurized.

  3. It seems that were all having little windfalls at the moment. Must admit the competition front has been a bit sparse this year , but it does do this from time to time ..They say it comes in threes

  4. Wow, what a result from the bank, and the competition prize as a bonus - very lucky day!

  5. Wow it's great to have positive days, congratulations, it's nice to see the 'little' person winning over the huge banks.

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  7. Well done on all your success this week. Enjoy both parts of your prize when it comes. Sorry for deleting first comment-the finger I cut with the rotary cutter is making me very fat fingered due to the dressing.

  8. How absolutely fabulous for you Trish.
    Enjoy your prize...it sounds wonderful.

  9. That is absolutely wonderful, I hope you enjoy every minute of it.


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