Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Fields of gold

We went out this weekend  and enjoyed the surrounding fields of fully blooming daffodils which are being grown on by the bulb producers. Forget the yellow of rape crops this is far more golden. We have not seen many flowers being picked round here at present which is usually done when the flowers are still closed and green -  those fields must be somewhere else this year. That is OK as we get to see acres of blooms.

At the garden centre there were lovely beds of hyacinths - wish computers had scent capturing!
There was a super bug hotel in among the sales areas.
We spent quite a long time mooching around the re cycling/vintage shop. We want some wooden seed trays to make display boxes for the walls at home. They had a stack but want £4 each.
I hesitate because they were not well made and we have some pallet wood behind the shed.  I am sure we could......

My purchase of the day was a six pack of celery. We use quite a lot but have not had great success with them so far.  The instructions on these are to put in a square and put black polythene barrier round them to blanch.  They look unhappy here as my husband just dropped them!  I have since potted them on and they are coming on nicely.


  1. Good luck with the celery, I've never attempted it. I love the bug hotel.

  2. We tried celery once and had a bit of success. Good luck.

    God bless.


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